Tuesday, 04-24-2018
Bidiphar- Pharmaceutical factories have achieved GMP-WHO standard; Laboratory system has achieved GLP standard; Pharmacy Storage system has achieved GSP standard; Distribution system has achieved GDP,GPP standard; Quality management system has achieved ISO 9001: 2008; Bidiphar's products are voted as Vietnamese high-quality products by consumers for many years
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Bidiphar’s research development and applications of technology in the production of drugs in cancer treatments

According to statistics on cancer in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces, in our country, there are about 150.000 new cancer cases and 75.000 cancer deaths each year. Cancer is a disease that is on the rise in our country and has become the highest cause of death among non-communicable diseases.

Cancer – the sooner you know, the better you treat it

People used to think of cancer as an unforeseeable illness, and once it comes, instead of finding the right solution from hospitals, they look for the folk remedy until the body gets worse. It is incorrect, as the sooner you get to know about cancer, the better you are going to treat it

Bidiphar Protects Your Bone & Joint System

As growing older, the aging process starts to happen in mature person. Nowadays, the increase in the bone & joint diseases is becoming the most popular problem in our society since it affects directly our health and living condition.

Bidiphar holding OTC client day 2014 in HCM city

On 10/05/2014, Bidiphar held an event for the otc clients in HCM city and other southern – western provinces to show appreciation for their continued business and loyalty.

Mr Nguyen Van Qua – Chairman of member board, general director of Bidiphar has honorly received the “Exemplary Vietnamese entrepreneur “award – Thanh Giong Cup.

On October the 11th, at Viet-So Cultural Palace (Hanoi), Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) recently organized a ceremony to celebrate the Vietnam Entrepreneurs’ Day 2013and presented the Exemplary Vietnamese Entrepreneur titles.

Altamin- solution to lower liver enzymes and recover the liver function

The liver is an important internal organ because it performs many functions. It triggers activities in the body’s cells and detoxify many toxins out of the body. Strong liver keeps a man healthy and vice versa. After all, what is the liver enzyme index? What do high liver enzymes warn about the status of your health?

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