Tuesday, 12-11-2018
Bidiphar- Pharmaceutical factories have achieved GMP-WHO standard; Laboratory system has achieved GLP standard; Pharmacy Storage system has achieved GSP standard; Distribution system has achieved GDP,GPP standard; Quality management system has achieved ISO 9001: 2008; Bidiphar's products are voted as Vietnamese high-quality products by consumers for many years
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Each vial contains:
Sodium oxacillin,...................1g Oxaliplatin
Each vial contains:
Water for injection................................5 ml

Dosage form: Powder for injection

Packaging:  Box of 1 vial and 1 ampoule

For the treatment of infections due to susceptible organisms such as septicaemia, endocarditis, meningitis.

Dosage and Administration:
Administration: IM injection, IV injection, IV infusion. IM injections of oxacillin sodium should be made deeply into a large muscle. IV injection should be slow for about 10 minutes. For IV infusion, additives should not be introduced into the injection. 

Adult Dosage
+ For the treatment of infections: the usual adult IM or IV dosage of oxacillin is 250–1000 mg every 4–6 hours.
+ For the treatment septicaemia or meningitis due to bacteria: adult IV dosage of oxacillin is 1-2 g every 4 hours.

Pediatric Dosage
Children weighing 40 kg or more: IM injection or IV injection, 250 mg - 1 g every 4-6 hours. 
Children weighing less than 40 kg: IM injection or IV injection, 12,5 25 mg/kg body weight every 6 hours or 16,7 mg/kg body weight every 4 hours. 
Children over 1 month of age and weighing less than 40 kg: 100-200 mg/kg daily in equally divided doses every 4-6 hours for the treatment of severe infections. 

- Dosage in patients with Renal Impairment
Dosage should be adjusted in patients with creatinine clearances less than 10 ml/minutes

- Duration of Therapy
The duration of oxacillin therapy depends on the type and severity of infection and should be determined by the clinical and bacteriologic response of the patient. In serious staphylococcal infections, therapy should be continued for at least 1–2 weeks; more prolonged therapy is necessary for the treatment of osteomyelitis or endocarditis.

Contraindications: Please read carefully the leaflet before using.

Storage: Store between 15°C and 30°C, in dry place. Protect from light.