Tuesday, 12-11-2018
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Aluminum phosphate gel………….. 11 g
Excipients q.s to…………………..... 20 g 

Dosage form: Oral suspension 

Packaging: Box of 1 bottle of 100 g
                      Box of 20 sachets x 20 g

- Esophagitis, gastritis acute and chronic, gastric ulcer, duodenal, gastric irritation, the excess acid syndrome such as irritation, burning, heartburn and acid secretion phenomena, eg pregnancy. 

- Disorders of the stomach caused by the drug, due to wrong diet or after taking too much nicotine, coffee, candy, or too much spicy food.

- Complications of diaphragmatic hernia, colitis

Dosage and Administration:
- Take 1-2 tablespoons or 1-2 sachets of the suspension. 
- Phospha gaspain should be taken between meals.

Contraindications: Please read carefully the leaflet before using

Storage: Store in cool places, protect from light