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Irbesartan ........................................ 150 mg
Excipients q.s .................................. 1 tablet

Dosage form: Film-Coated Tablets

Packaging:  Box of 3 blisters x 10 Tablets. 
 Box of 10 blisters x 10 Tablets. 
 Box of 2 blisters x 14 Tablets

- Irbesartan is used alone or in combination with other classes of antihypertensive agents in the management of hypertension. Angiotensin II receptor antagonists, such as irbesartan, are considered one of several preferred antihypertensive drugs for the initial management of hypertension in patients with chronic renal failure, diabetes mellitus, and/or heart failure.

Diabetic nephropathy
- Irbesartan is used in the management of diabetic nephropathy manifested by elevated serum creatinine and proteinuria (urinary protein excretion exceeding 300 mg daily) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

Dosage and administration:
Irbesartan is administered orally and without regard to meals.

- Adult dosage: the usual initial dosage of Irbesartan in adults is 150 mg once daily in patients without depletion of intravascular volume. If blood pressure response is inadequate with the initial dosage, dosage may be increased as tolerated to 300 mg once daily or a diuretic may be added. Irbesartan also can be used concomitantly with other antihypertensive agents.

- A lower initial dose of 75 mg once daily may be considered in elderly patients over 75 years, for patients with intravascular volume depletion, and for those receiving haemodialysis.

Diabetic nephropathy
- For the treatment of renal disease in hypertensive type 2 diabetics, Irbesartan should be given in an initial dose of 150 mg once daily, increased to 300 mg once daily for maintenance.

Pediatric dosage
- The usual initial dosage of Irbesartan in children 6 - 12 years of age or adolescents 13 - 16 years of age with hypertension is 75 or 150 mg once daily, respectively. 

Contraindications: Please read carefully the leaflet before using

Storage: Store in dry places, not exceeding 30°C. Protect from light and moisture