Monday, 12-10-2018
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Calcium,...................................500 mg 
(Include calcium carbonate and calcium lactate gluconate)        
Excipients q.s...........................1 tablet

Pharmaceutical form: Effervescent tablets

Packaging:  Tube of 10 tablets
Tube of 20 tablets
Box of 5 blistes x 4 tablets

- Osteoporosis of various origin (postmenopausal, senile, corticosteroid - induced, caused by gastrectomy or immobilization).
- Prevention of pre - and postmenopausal bone demineralization.
- Increased demand for calcium in pregnant and lactating women and in growing children.
- Rickets and osteomalacia, in addition to specific therapy.
- Latent tetany.
- Allergic conditions (supportive treatment).

Dosage and Administrations:
• Administration:
 - Dissolving tablet in about 200ml water and use after bubbling completely.

• Dosage:
- Adults and children (over 10 years of ages): 2 tablets per day. In severe cases, up to 4 tablets may be required during the first few weeks of therapy.
- Children (6 – 10 years of ages): 1 tablet per day.
- Children (3 – 6 years of ages): 1/2 tablet per day.

Contraindications: Please read carefully the leaflet before using.

Storage: Not exceeding 30°C, avoid moistness.