Sunday, 09-23-2018
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Each tablet contains:
Paracetamol………………………. 650mg
Excipients q.s to.....………………..a tablet

Dosage form: Tablets

Packaging: Box of 10 blisters x 4 tablets
Box of 20 blisters x 4 tablets
Box of 10 blisters x 5 tablets
Box of 20 blisters x 5 tablets
Box of 10 blisters x 10 tablets

Antipyretic and analgesic in some cases
- Aches and pains, with or without fever, e.g headache, myalgia, ostalgia, arthralgia, backache, rachiodynia, toothache, dysmenorrheal, neuralgia, sprain.
- Pains due to flu, pharyngitis or sinusitis, traumatic injuries, postoperative pains (excluding head and abdomen surgery).

Dosage and Administrations:
Bilucol 650 is administered orally
- Adults (over 11 years of ages): 325-650 mg every 4-6 hours as necessary.
- Dosage should not exceed 4g daily and minimum dosing interval is 4 hours.

Contraindications: Please read carefully the leaflet before using.

Storage: Not exceeding 30°C, dry place away from light.